You may be able to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? There is a reason people say that actions speak louder than words, and James would agree. In James 1:22-27, James shows his zealous heart for real fruit in genuine Christ followers. He calls us to be DOERS of the Word, not just HEARERS. The truth is, it can be easy to hear and do nothing. Some of us have done that for years – hearing sermons without letting them change our actions. James insists we have an outward demonstration of our inward faith, and if we don’t, we need to look in the biblical mirror. If our faith has no feet, then It is time for us to consider what it is we actually believe. Today’s message is about obedience, which stems from a love for our Saviour and not from ‘earning’ worth. Hearing, alone, does not make a Christ Follower – practical steps of obedience are the difference between life and death.

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