We accept so many invitations in our world. We accept invitations to events, invitations to temptations and invitations to daily sin. What if the Holy Spirit sent you an invitation? How would you respond? What does the Holy Spirit invite us to? In Isaiah 55:1-7 we learn we’ve been invited to a feast, by the Holy Spirit. This text is an invitation to God’s people, and to the lost. This is an invitation to life for those who are thirsty! The heart of the Father is to bless you. He stands, arms extended, pleading with you to leave your sin so that you might know His everlasting, and fulfilling love, mercy and glory. We accept so many invitations in our world … will we reject the one from the Father? Once again will we turn back to sin? God invites everyone today, every nation, tribe and tongue, to join him for the feast that will satisfy all hunger and thirst. So ask yourself, what am I hungry for? Do I crave the world so much that I reject the feast that the Father has offered me? Ultimately, that sin that we fill on will lead to devastation and death. Are you exhausted from your sin? His arms extend to you today, accept them.