In the Rivers in the Desert series, we’ve learned about the living water, the sovereignty of God and the invitation from the Holy Spirit, and today we learn where the water comes from. Without a source, there is no river in the desert. This is a source of renewal, revival and righteousness. This is the source we want to drink from. This passage in Isaiah 61:1-3 is central to God’s Word. It is the exact text Jesus chose to read when He began His ministry. Jesus read in the synagogue, announcing He is the anointed one from Isaiah 61 and fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy (Luke 4). Isaiah 61 points to the Messiah, to the Saviour of the world, to Jesus. But why did He come? He came to rescue us from our prison of sin. All despair, depression and anxiety are people stuck in prison cells, and the Messiah came to smash down the prison door. He came to give us a reason to have joy. He came to grant us righteousness and freedom. He came to die. What He did was not fair — it was love. Without Jesus, there is no river in the desert. Without Jesus, we are dead.