It’s hard to overstate the value of biblical wisdom. It is more valuable than gold. It can save us from so much unnecessary pain. It shows us God’s will for us. It guarantees God’s blessing. And it bears enormous fruit in our lives. Biblical wisdom is the ability to live understanding God’s perspective on our situations. Wisdom is something we all need, especially to remain steadfast in trials. The wise person looks for God in the trial, knowing all the while that the Lord is moving somewhere in their midst. Today, James 1:5-8 teaches how much we need wisdom, how we can get wisdom, and how we avoid wisdom. Wisdom is from the Lord; Jesus is the embodiment of true wisdom. That means, more Jesus = more wisdom. We learn today that God desperately wants to give us more wisdom, praise the Lord! He wants to bless us with understanding that comes only from Him! But there is a condition — we have to ask for it, in faith. Are we asking for it? Are we chasing more Jesus? The wise person is taking notes today because the wise person knows how much they need more wisdom.

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