As the Rivers in the Desert series wraps up, Isaiah 54:1-5 teaches us how to long for revival while still trusting in God’s sovereign plan. When God doesn’t answer our prayers in our time, or with our answers the temptation is oftentimes to give up. To pray for a season and then withdraw, trusting in our own wisdom. Today God is asking us to continue faithfully in obedience, even when we are beaten down and discouraged. To continue to be obedient to His truth, in faith. So often when we are ready to close the book, God is just starting the chapter. He is still the God of the Old Testament. He is still the God of revival. He is still, today, the God who brings rivers to the desert! We must eagerly long for His presence and never limit His power! God works on God’s time, not ours. It is easy to give up … but God calls us to preserve in faith and expectation of a big God who does big things.