We might not face literal deserts like the Israelites, but we all know trials. Maybe you are in one right now. Isaiah 43:14-19 starts a new six-week series, Rivers in the Desert, where we explore God’s vision for His people. What would happen to our churches if we became a people fully trusting in God’s plan and submitting to whatever answer He provided? This series seeks to let God’s word speak and in doing so, increase our faith in His ability to do great things in our midst. Your desert is not too big for God. He is sovereign over the suffering, and He is sovereign over the river that will flow through it. So often we want no deserts, and no suffering, but without the desert, we can’t fully appreciate the gracious rivers. The God of the universe didn’t stop with the Israelites; He is rescuing and renewing today! It’s time to start trusting.