Are you thirsty? Today, Isaiah 44:1-5 speaks to the thirsty … but how many of us are already full? When our souls are constantly digesting the world, we no longer hunger and thirst for the Lord. God promises to thirsty believers today that He will bring His living waters of revival and meet us in the desert. Because He loves us, and He has us. The King of the universe promises no matter what happens, no matter the headache or pain we suffer, He has us. And He will pour out the living Holy Spirit on His beloved children. There is nothing we can do to be removed from His gracious embrace! He replaces weakness with strength, and despair with hope! Blessings spring forth from everything His living water touches! And today, He promises to continue pouring out His grace on generations to come. No more sitting on the fence. No more filling up on the world. Ask your God with tears for revival, and take Him at His promises. Thirsty people find wells. Thirsty people drink living water. Are you thirsty?